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Fine, true breeding originals and excellent hybrids.

Blackjack female : Indoor/Outdoor $166 10 seeds (Sweet Seeds)
Sweet Seeds Female Black Jack We have crossed our Black Domina with an excepcional Jack Herer with pleasant and intense aroma seems like incensed cathedral type Haze , the result of this cross is one of our more powerful and productive hybrids. This variety produces long lateral branches, with generous buds full of resin and aroma, that give to the plant a big ball aspect, as tall as wide. The Black Domina cross provides a bottom of sweet aromas that complements the cathedral aroma, penetrating, of our Jack. This variety displays a great hybrid vigour, totally adapted to the indoor cultivation, in outdoor, planted in the ground and with sufficient sun, it becomes in a resinous and hairy monster near to 3 meters of height. Growing method: Indoor / Outdoor. Sex: Female Genotype: Indica / Sativa Hibryd Region: Holland. Lineage: Jack Herer x Black Domina. Indoor Maturation: 61-65 days Outdoor Maturation: 1-15 October. THC: 15-20% Yield: 500-600 gr/m2 indoor. 500-700 gr/plant
Sweet Tai female : Indoor/Outdoor $155 10 seeds (Sweet Seeds)
Sweet Seeds Female Sweet Tai Excellent cross of our Super tai with a Early skunk, predominates a pleasant Tai aroma and flavour, very penetrating and spiced, typical from some of this asian exotic varieties. This cross with Early Skunk trims the flowering time, gives it more density and resin to the buds, and give to the plants a more compact structure and adaptation to the indoor cultivation. Variety of very stimulating and cerebral effect. Growing Method: indoor / Outdoor. indicated for SCROG. Sex: Female. Genotype: Hibryd with Sativa predominance. Region: Tai, Holland. Lineage: Super Tai x Early Skunk Indoor maturation: 61-65 days Outdoor Maturation: 1-15 October THC: 10-18% Yield: 300-400 gr/m2 indoor. 400-600 gr/plant outdoor
CREAM CARAMEL female : Indoor $170 10 seeds (Sweet Seeds)
Sweet Seeds Female Cream Caramel Synthetic variety (V.S) result of the crossing of several of our better East Indian BlueBlack x Maple Leaf Indica x White Rhino, the V.S shares with the hybrid varieties the objective to take advantage of the hybrid vigor and to contribute homogeneity to the descendants. The flavor of this variety sweet and is carameled like of treats and very intense, fruit of the cocktail molotov of you indicate that it contains, with a bottom of terrosos shades coming from the Blue genetics that takes part in the crossing. The structure of the plant is typical of the plants you indicate, ideals for the culture of indor, great bud central and multitude of lateral branches. This type of variety usually are the favourites by the consumers of cannabis medical, quimiotipos with high levels of THC and sufficient CBD to induce relax and antidepressing states for uses. Indica/Sativa: 90%-10% Prod. Indoor: 400-550 gr/m2 Prod. Outside: 350-600 gr/plant THC: 15-20% Indoor flowering: 8-9 weeks Outdoor flowering: End of September, principles of October
PSICODELICIA female : Indoor $170 10 seeds (Sweet Seeds)
Sweet Seeds Female Psicodelicia This plant is a crossing between clon coming from the United States and a nepalí plant of especial scent that remember the coffee, a plant with firstly sativa genetics and very short flowering, 9 weeks with loaded generous and dense buds of resin. The Psicodelicia is a plant of great production that does not lose the own stimulating effect of the sativas. The plant has an intense and sweet scent very different from the rest of the genetics of Sweets Seeds, in this variety we were citric and fresh scent with lemon tonalities and coffees coming from its Asian father's, scent affluent marked but smooth and delicate remembering to the good sativas of flavors and subtle scent and nothing cloying. The plant has a typical effect of sativa, energetic, clean and firstly exciting hybrid, an ideal variety to make artistic and imaginative tasks. Ideal also for the cannabicultor that it wants to fill his intdoor of mainly sativa genetics, with plants of high production and short times of flowering. Indica/sativa 30-70%. Prod. int: 400-550 gr/m2 Prod. Ext: 350-600 gr/planta. THC: 15-20% Indoor flowering: 8-9 weeks Outdoor flowering: end September first October
S.A.D. SWEET AFGANI DELICIOUS female : Indoor/Outdoor $153 10 seeds (Sweet Seeds)
Sweet Seeds Female Afghani Delicious S1 Autopollinization of one of our more powerful and aromatic mothers, Black Domina, selected since 1998. The Black Domina, very well-know in Valencia and the environs, was awarded in the second Valencia’s cannabis cup, organized by La Barraca de María (2004). The autopollinization of this super-mother produces dense buds with a lot of resin, and a sweet and intense aroma, flavour inherited from his afgan ancestors. This seed S1 displays high homogeneity in all the descendants for the described characters. Exceptional to the indoor cultivation, and an all-roads at outdoor. Easy to cultivo and great resistance to plagues and fungi. Growing method: indoor / Outdoor. Sex: Female Genotype: Hibryd with Indica predominance Region: USA (Northen Ligths) and Afganistan Indoor Maturation: 50-60 days. Outdoor Maturation: 16-30 September THC:15-20% Yield: 400-500 gr/m2 indoor, 350-400 gr/plant outdoor
Ice Cool : Indoor/Outdoor $213 10 seeds (Sweet Seeds)
Sweet Seeds Female Icecool Our plant of novel and appreciated genetics but. Developed from a Diesel line NYC. Great power and production with a peculiar stranger and hard scent to exotic perfums. Buds, aspect and growth of East Indian with or hard euphoric effect that discovers the mixture of sativas in its genetic swimming pool. Exaggerated resin production. The effect of this variety is intense and psicodelic, it is to emphasize that their effects prelast during long time. A plant wonder, and without a doubt some, our favourite. Indica / Sativa: 40% / 60% Prod. Indoor: 400-500gr/m2. Prod. Outdoor: 350-550 plants. THC: 20-22%. Inndoor flowering: 9 weeks. outdoor flowering: end of september
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