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Nevilleberry : Outdoor $101 10 seeds (Seedism Seeds .)
NevilleBerry A unique combination between two very popular strains, experience the soaring high from the Neville's Haze with a hint of Blueberry. This is an unparalleled THC bomb with massive buds, producing yields comparable to most heavy Indica strains available. You will notice its extreme growing vigor as soon as they start their vegetative cycle & you should not let them grow too long when you do not want to end up with your plants touching the ceiling. The breeder of this strain is an experienced breeder & has produced multiple (cup winning) Haze strains, the NevilleBerry is a project he worked on for a while to see if it is possible to improve the already fantastic Neville's Haze, by adding the right Blueberry male he added something special to this strain. You will not have to search for female plants because the NevilleBerry seeds are 100% female. NevilleBerry has the growth of a Sativa with the bud structure from a Blueberry; the buds grow all along the stems & need support as soon as the flowers start developing. The flowering cycle takes between 11-13 weeks depending on the environment created.
Ultimate Indica : Indoor $110 20 seeds (Seedism Seeds .)
A pack of 20 seeds consisting of 4 Varieties: Citral Hashplant The Ultimate Blueberry Citral Hashplant Superglue Tasted Bud
Ultimate Sativa : Indoor/Outdoor $105 20 seeds (Seedism Seeds .)
A pack of 20 seeds consisting of 4 Varieties: Californian Haze Kali Sweet Thai South African Sativa
Ultimate feminized : Indoor/Outdoor $104 10 seeds (Seedism Seeds .)
A pack of 10 female seeds consisting of 2 Varieties: Ultimate Afghani White Skunk
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