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Ordering By Mail


Enviro Co

suite #442 1231 Pacific Blvd

Vancouver, BC

Canada, V6Z 0E2


All orders are strictly confidential. No records are kept of your purchase that would reveal your name or address. All seeds are sent discreetly in protected envelopes.  You can pay with a credit card for the new 2020 strains only click here

All prices are in Canadian Dollars for 10 seeds, unless noted otherwise. If sending US funds, deduct 5% from the total. I accept two methods of payment only if american.

  1. Postal or Bank money order made payable to Enviro Co. You do not need to fill out the rest and keep the receipt in a safe place. We do accept blank money orders for stealth orders. Send it in the mail along with your order, alternate selections and mailing address. In the US, send a pink international money order from the post office (if not available, a green one is acceptable). Keep the receipt.
  2. bit coin we do accept all alt coins bit coin, lite coin, pot coins etc simply here is a bit coin address you can send the payment too 14MU6H4JiBA7Hm4YBFZfBMiFt4vnyNTG1j after you do the payment email us with your order details if wish to pay with on of the other coins email us with the details The order and alternate selections. The mailing address. 

Interac online If your canadian we do accept online interac to do this log on too your online banking click on transfers then on email interac transfers fill out the form using our email address and the secret question answer fourtwenty using this method we can immediatly ship

I do not accept credit card payments or bank transfers but do accept bit coin, lit coin and all alt coins. For stealth orders we do accept cash or blank money orders, You are completely protected by using a money order. There is not one problem we have not been able to solve with the money order receipt.Specials 10% off on orders above $1000 dollars 20% off on orders above $2000 dollars! 


Please write clearly and include all of the information requested in one communication. Do not use just initials or pot related pseudonyms for the return name. Using these is not a security measure and we would think more suspicious looking. Put a return address on the envelope as well. If it should get mised, you would want it back. 


Seed name, seed company, price, how many units of 10, total $ 


Add $5 for shipping and handling of your complete order. 

Alternate Selections

It is best to indicate any alternate choices in case your first choices are unavailable. You can list characteristics or strains you are looking for that are not on the list, because new seeds are available all the time. You can make inquiries about availability but this is not an exact science and it can change from when you contact us to when we actually receive your order and it is processed.
Try to choose alternates that are similarly priced. We can always work it out. 


All seeds are sent discreetly in protected envelopes. Make money orders out to "Enviro Co". Send to Enviro Co,
1231 Pacific Blvd suite #442 Vancouver, BC Canada V6Z 0E2

Send to:
Name: ___________________________________
Street: _________________________________
City: ___________________________________
Prov/State: _____________________________
Zip/Postal Code: ________________________

Do not send your order by overnight express, as customs may look at it. Regular mail is anonymous and safe. 

Do not have them sent right to your grow house. Although, there'll likely be no problem, common sense dictates that you not order right to your grow show. Especially if you are a commercial grower, it is wise to have the seeds sent to your non-growing friend's house or a PO box. 

Expect a 2-4 week wait for shipping and processing your order. 


I want my customers to be happy with their orders. 

We know from our tests and customer feedback that these seeds are as advertised. We will guarantee at least 50% germination of any strain or we will replace it. As for male/female ratios and the eventual outcome, so much depends on the grower's ability and the quality of the environment; it is difficult to guarantee much beyond germination. We would expect all seeds to be viable and to grow into healthy plants. We're happy to help with any irregularities, so feel free to contact us. 

There is a limit on the time you can make a claim after sending your order. If I received and cashed your money order, the order goes out extremely quickly, usually within 72 hours. So if you haven't received anything by 21 days after sending out your order, definitely write or call or e-mail. Any claim over 6 months old will not be entertained. 

All claims must show that the money order you sent was cashed by me in order to further a claim whereby you didn't get your order (or we don't acknowledge receiving it.) Keep your money order receipts (or leave it with your Mom until you need it, she'll file it safely away). 


We get about 100 emails every day, but here are some hints: 

We can also be emailed at 

We get over 100 emails every day, which take about 5 hours to answer. Please keep these short and pertinent. Huge long emails and questions about other than our business are given low priority or not answered. Questions about growing are better taken to our friend's web page at, where you will find grow forums with a ton of info and you can also post your questions there. Most other questions can be answered by reading through the catalogue right here. 

We do not save any emails after they are answered, so it's impossible for us to keep all them straight. Any inquiry about an order must include the initials and the name of the city each time you email, so we will know who you are. Do not assume that we will remember what has been discussed. Include any correspondence from us in your replies, so we know what's going on. 

We try to answer all of our emails as fast as possible. Please be patient for our response. Emails about emails can create a very confusing loop. 


We keep track of the orders with the initials of the name and the name of the city or town it is going to. A typical record looks like this:

TH - Calgary - in August 26 - out August 28

Do not give us your complete address on the phone or in an email unless requested. 

The tracking system is designed more for advising when an order has been shipped, or identifying a problem if one occurs, then for tracking them every day after you send in. Please be patient and give your order enough time to arrive and be processed before making inquiries. We realize that your are anxious to get growing but repeated inquiries can sometimes cause confusion and delays. 

We hope you enjoy our catalogue. Together we'll overgrow the government. 

Owned and operated by Russ Travis!