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Fine, true breeding originals and excellent hybrids.

Grape Skunk : Indoor/Outdoor $80 10 seeds (Next Generation Seeds)
Carefully selected genetics from the Super Skunk, Grapefruit and Blueberry were used to create this super strain. Grows quick and compact, Medium to large calyxes with a smooth and fruity taste. Good yields. Indoors: flowers in 50 days Outdoors: Mid October 10 seeds
BC Big Bang : Indoor/Outdoor $75 10 seeds (Next Generation Seeds)
BC Big Bang Very strong plants. F1 hybrid vigor, great production strain for the beginner or the professional. Highly resinous, with a fruity cat piss smell. Very high quality buds, indoors, outdoors or in the greenhouse. Indoors: 7 weeks Outdoors: Sept30- Oct.15 10 seeds
Romulan Grapefruit : Indoor $80 10 seeds (Next Generation Seeds)
-Romulan Grapefruit Top quality hybrid, amazingly strong scent. Grows like the Grapefruit in size ands stature but has a bigger punch and stronger smell due to the Romulan influence. Got nicknamed “stinky” around here. Indoors: 50 days Outdoors: October 10-15 10 seeds
Romulan Hashplant : Indoor $69 10 seeds (Next Generation Seeds)
Romulan Hashplant Another great B.C. hybrid, our Romulan male blends its rich piney flavour with a large producing Hashplant. This is a powerful strain. Great sea of green plant, recommended for medical patients who need a sedative strain and large yields. Indoors: 50-55 days Outdoors: October 15-20 10 seeds
Bonkers : Indoor/Outdoor $115 10 seeds (Next Generation Seeds)
bonkers bonkers Bonkers Bonkers is our extra special outdoor variety. Bred in the wild north-west coast of Vancouver Island, this strain finishes in the 3rd week of September. A very large producer, with an amazing amount of resin everywhere. This strain finishes light green colored with the hairs barely visible. 50/50 indica/sativa mixture. F3, Currently unstablized but is a huge producer. Still with 90% of the females growing with similar glamour and structure and only different in height. Grows successfully in Tofino, Kamloops, Williams Lake and southern Manitoba areas. Also grows beautifully indoors with great quality and production. Easier then most early outdoors strains to keep in vegetative and clones very well. Top quality grass indoors or outdoors. Indoors: 6 weeks Outdoors: Sept.10-25
Blue dynamite : Indoor/Outdoor $90 10 seeds (Next Generation Seeds)
blue dynamite blue dynamite Blue Dynamite indoors/outdoors A very fruity treat that likes it indoors or outdoors. Squat, branchy plant with pink/purple hues as it finishes. Large yeilding and very heavy resin producer. Flowering Period: 6-7 weeks Outdoors: late September, early October
Dynamite : Indoor $75 10 seeds (Next Generation Seeds)
Dynamite Squat growing Indica, the Dynamite is well known for its heavy yield of consistently high quality bud. Very fruity, resinous, thick smoke, very popular locally. One week vegetation for sea of green. Can be harvested in six weeks- seven weeks, pink / purple colors will show as the buds ripen. Indoors: 50 days Outdoors: Early October
Romulan Diesel : Indoor $105 10 seeds (Next Generation Seeds)
- romulan diesel romulan diesel Distinctive taste and scent that will leave you and your friends craving more. The sour smell that the Diesel is famous for blends great with the Romulan. Flowering Time: Indoor 50 - 55 days/Outdoor Middle of October
Romulan max : Indoor/Outdoor $85 10 seeds (Next Generation Seeds)
romulan max romulan max After years of working with the Romulan strain we are proud to present the Next Generation of Romulan. More size, better appearance, same great knock-out stone. This Romulan is faster growing and larger structured than its original predecessor. Grows great in a Canadian greenhouse. Nice dense buds indoors or outdoors. Indoors: 8 weeks Outdoors: October 5-10 (BC)
Romulan Sweet Skunk : Indoor $82 10 seeds (Next Generation Seeds)
Romulan x Sweet Skunk Romulan x Sweet Skunk Romulan x Sweet Skunk indoors (BC) Fast growing and hardy. The sativa dominant growth structure of the Sweet Skunk makes it quick to stretch meaning no vegetation time for sea of green. The Romulan lent its strong piney flavour. Great choice for medical growers, very potent and heady, most bang for your buck. Very versatile, works great in soil or hydro, buckets or tables. The Sweet Skunk used in this cross is the original mother of our "BC Harvest cup" winning Island Sweet Skunk. Indoors: flowers 8 weeks Outdoors: end of October 10 seeds
timewaep f 5 : Indoor/Outdoor $89 10 seeds (Next Generation Seeds)
timewarp f 5 timewarp f 5 "Texada" Timewarp F5 outdoors This is our version of the famous "Texada Timewarp". It is an F5 backcross with the original Timewarp Clone mother. Beautiful lemony fresh smelling buds with an up high. Great producing strain outdoors, very dependable. Texada Timewarp has been grown on Texada and Vancouver Island for over 30 years, and for good reason. A must have strain for the outdoor farmer. Indoors: 45 days (not reccomended) Outdoors: September. 20-30
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