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The long reliable Surrey Seed Company has moved indoors and changed their name. They offer a couple of their favorite indoor strains.

Bread & Butter : Indoor $50 10 seeds (Surrey Seed Co..)
Mostly Indica. This is the old central BC Pineapple Bud crossed with an Afghani hybrid called M-45. The progeny was stabilized about 8 years ago and we make seeds every two years. This is a dense, solid resinous plant with several thick colas. Upliftingh high. Flowering time 9 weeks.
Science : Indoor $50 10 seeds (Surrey Seed Co..)
Mostly Sativa. Our favorite Skunk cross, produced with a powerful indica that never had a name,Very sticky and very potent. Gum on a stick!
Flowering time 10 to 11 weeks
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