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Biddy Early : $75 10 seeds (Mangus Genetics Seeds.)
Sowing date: May Harvest date: Sept/Oct Vegetative period seedlings: >30 days Vegetative period cuttings: >10 days Flowering period: 50/60 days Yield - Outdoor (based on results from open field cultivation in Holland): medium/good (approx. 300 gr. pp) Yield - Indoor (estimate): medium/good (approx. 400 gr. per m2) Parents: Mother: Early Skunk F2 Father: Warlock The Biddy Early is our first outdoor variety, but in our opinion already one of the best ever. It will grow out to a classical Sativa Xmas tree with a height of approximately 1.8 to 2 meters. Because of its early flowering and maturation, it's very well suited for open field cultivation in Holland, and area's with a similar climate. Of course it's also possible to grow the Biddy Early with great results indoors under lights, but remaining mothers in a vegetative stage for a prolonged period, can be difficult, and in some cases even impossible. The majority of the plants will form red and purple colours if exposed to low temperatures, yet with some variation in the location and intensity of the discoloration. It has a sweet candy aroma and a powerful high, not recommended as a "day-time smoke", but still mild enough not to be considered a "party killer".
Double Dutch : $105 10 seeds (Mangus Genetics Seeds.)
Type: mostly indica Flowerering period: 55-65 days Outdoor yield: not tested Indoor yield: good (4-5 oz., depending on grower's skill level) The DOUBLE DUTCH is a cross of a Warlock male with a pre-2000 Chronic female. During the seedling & vegetative growth stages, DOUBLE DUTCH shows its indica pedigree with fat leaves, thick stems, and a bushy growth pattern. In the flowering stage DOUBLE DUTCH produces giant Sativa-like buds. All tips that receive copious amounts of light will form huge buds similar to elongated popcorn balls. DOUBLE DUTCH Buds must be staked due to their heavy weight. Performs well in bio, coco and hydro growth mediums. The DOUBLE DUTCH aroma is a pleasant fruity wildflower scent. The buzz is complex and strong. The high is both cerebral and heavy. Expect the buzz to last 2-4 hours depending on the smoker's tolerance level.
Exile : $109 10 seeds (Mangus Genetics Seeds.)
Winner of the 2005 High Life Cannabis Cup, Indica Bio Category 1st prize Type: mostly indica flowering period: 60/67 days Outdoor harvest: not tested Yield: good The Exile is composed of 50% Warlock, 25% Northern Lights, and 25% White Widow. The structure/growing pattern is similar to the Warlock but it does not elongate that much and it has more and bigger dark green leaves. It does not react on short days as quickly as the Warlock so they take approx. a week longer to finish. The fresh pistils are less white than those on the Warlock but the mature pistils are tan as well. The smell is also strong and sweet but with a pine smell added to it, aggressive on a fresh plant but pleasant on the dried product. The high is strong but more on the body (sedative).
Motavation : $105 10 seeds (Mangus Genetics Seeds.)
Flowering period: 50/60 days Yield: medium/good It took us a while longer than expected, but finally it’s here. The long awaited successor of the “Starwarz” & “Medizin Power”, “Motavation”. A short/squat Indica-dominant hybrid with moderate stretch at flowering, a little leafy but covered with resin so its almost a waste to manicure the buds. Very suitable for indoor/closet growing although some training/bending during the first 2 weeks of flowering is recommended to create an even canopy. It will develop a powerful aroma that is somewhat sweet with a touch of turpentine or fresh paint. The high is an overwhelming body stone that will nail you to the couch while your thoughts drift away. You will have the greatest ideas and make many plans, but yet, will not have the urge to execute them right away. If you have any trouble making it thru the long winter evenings, the Motavation will make them pass by as if they never happened.
Warlock : $115 10 seeds (Mangus Genetics Seeds.)
Type: mostly indica Flowering period: 55/60 days Outdoor harvest (in Holland): Oct/Nov Yield: medium/good The Warlock is indica dominant but it also has some characteristics that are considered sativa by most people (elongation at flowering, active high, high calyx/leaf ratio). It is a branchy plant that will form only a few medium sized leaves and a massive amount of flowers so it is easy to manicure. The pistils are clear white when fresh, changing to tan/pink when mature. The smell is strong and sweet, some even a bit sour (like fresh fruit). The high is mainly “in the head”.
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