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Lowryder autoflowering seeds, 4 strains

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Fine, true breeding originals and excellent hybrids.

Lowryder #2 : Indoor/Outdoor $85 10 seeds (Low Ryder Seeds)
Newly released to the world, this unique variety will dramatically expand the range of possibilities for aspiring, amateur and professional Cannabis growers and breeders. Aptly named for its low profile (both literally and figuratively), Lowryder was developed for extreme rapid growth (8-9 weeks from seed to bud!), uniquely short height (will grow no taller than 12 in!), and amazing versatility. Passing directly from the seedling to the flowering stage, Lowryder altogether does away with the vegetative growth stage. In other words, you plant it, it sprouts, grows a set of leaves, then immediately and automatically begins flowering. As a result, it is the quickest, most compact, and most easily concealed plant available. Indoors, Lowryder completely eliminates the need to induce flowering by reduction of day-light hours; indeed, it eliminates the need for a timer, period. Yes, it will grow consistently well and finish under 24 hours of light, from sprouting to harvest, in eight weeks. You can achieve similar results with 18 or 12 hours of light per day, if you like to give your room time to cool down, for example - 18 hours straight through until harves is recommended. The point is, with Lowryder, there is no need for a change in the light period to induce flowering, nor is it necessary to have separate vegetative and flowering rooms. Outdoors, Lowryder can easily be kept concealed because of its tiny size and early flowering, whether planted in fields, in gardens, on patios or even on windowsills. When planted in the spring, it will produce ripe bud earlier than any available variety. It can be planted, grown and harvested several times per season (in one’s backyard for instance ;-)), without attracting undue attention. Due to its lightning-fast life cycle (8-9 weeks), Lowryder can be planted up to early August. It can be easily and succesfully grown in the most unlikely locations, from Alaska and Canada’s Arctic (Lowryder will flower and finish in the continuous light of Arctic summers) to the urban apartment balconies of the world! Having no vegetative stage, Lowryder can’t be cloned or regenerated, for all intents and purposes. Replanting seeds is a must. But then, this plant’s unique advantages do away with any reason for cloning in the first place. In any case, seeds are much easier to transport and handle and have a higher success rate. To complement its unique characteristics, Lowryder’s final appearance, taste, and high, have nothing to envy of the finer weed varieties, an excellent smoke with high potency and amazing resin production. You almost have to see it grow before your own eyes to believe it, but the proof is here. Lowryder is 100% stable and reliable in its properties, a product of nine generations of selective breeding, and is non-deviant and hermaphrodite-free. Lowryder claims direct descendance from superior William’s Wonder and Northern Lights no.2 indica, while keeping the identity of its third, more exotic ruderalis-type ancestor a secret. Lowryder’s unique genetic and practical advantages insure that it will find an important niche in the world of fine Cannabis. Check out this mature Lowryder female. Growers have reported great success in growing indoors and outside across the world and getting from seed to bud in 60 to 70 days. Although the yields are going to be much lower than some commercial strains the ease of growing and the quick turn around means that you can have a continuous supply of fresh bud all year round. Also, growing for seed is a much less arduous task when the turnaround is only 2 months "The males started showing pre-flowers at day 17 and the females were evident by 21 days from seed." - quote taken from online source This means that if you are going to split the males and females you don't have all the hassle and waiting you get with a normal strain
Joint doctors dwarf auto flowering mix : Indoor/Outdoor $115 20 seeds (Low Ryder Seeds)
Joint doctors dwarf auto flowering mix - The Joint Doctor's variety pack. This is a good choice for anyone looking to put a little variety in their small garden or an introduction to the world of auto-flowering. Each pack is a 100% auto-flowering blend of Lowryder #1, Lowryder #2 and other related lines issued from hybridizing Lowryder with Santa Maria, Mazar and other top-quality varieties. All plants will begin to flower at 3-4 weeks and finish in 8 weeks from seed, while exhibiting slightly different shapes and branching habits. Differences in flavours will be evident and appreciated by the connoisseur.
Lowryder feminized : Indoor $170 10 seeds (Low Ryder Seeds)
Feminised lowryder is in fact a female version of Lowryder # 2. Lowryder #2 is a cross between the autoflowering dwarf, Lowryder, and a variety known for copious resin production, exotic taste and soaring highs (Santa Maria is an indica/sativa mix originally from Brazil). This cross produces compact, bushy very-early flowering plants with prolific budding. The aroma combines the earthy, mossy tones of Lowryder with the wonderfully spicy yet sweet aroma of the Brazilian. This cross is suitable for compact indoor or closet cultivation, as well as outdoors for a very early harvest (end of July to mid August). Yields superior to Lowryder. Flowering is complete after 9 weeks from the seed and it begins since the third. Height is 45-50 cm (17-19 inches). Production is 28-42 grams per plant. This variety is now fully stable and auto-flowering.
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