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Sweet Skunk Selfed Feminized : Outdoor/Indoor $190 10 seeds (Legends Own Seeds)
The original cut from Spice of Life seeds circa 1994, Feminized and in its pure form, has been released for the first time for you to judge for yourself. This is the elite clone that has been the all time favourite for sativa and hash lovers alike throughout BC for over a decade. A unique flavour and odour that is unforgettable to any that have tried it, this girl is blessed with some of the most concentrated trichromes you will ever encounter. A soaring sativa high that is not for the unseasoned smoker, she produces full melt water hash or golden odorific dry sieve that will impress any cannaseur of fine resins. The flowers possess excellent aging properties, concentrating their flavours and evolving when properly cured. Being a mostly sativa plant indoor growers should be aware of the prominent stretch that it will encounter in its first 4 weeks of flowering, Pruning is recommended for wider style plants, excellent indoors, outdoors in warmer climates, or in greenhouse environments. Depending on preferences and conditions, you should expect her to flower for 10-12 weeks. Above average yield, unparalleled potency and flavour.
Mountain Mix : Indoor/Outdoor $50 10 seeds (Legends Own Seeds)
Mountain Mix Here is a sampling of our wares for the skeptical or financially challenged. All the genetics used are elite collections from British Columbia, mostly kept for resin content and flavour. Some genetics used include the Red Eyed Bride, Soulshine, Biker Bob, SOL Sweet Skunk, California Orange, UK Cheese, SOL Grapefruit, DJ Short Blueberry and Flo. What you can expect are top notch genetics at a rock bottom price, and some lovely full melt Hashish.
Toe jam : Indoor/Outdoor $95 10 seeds (Legends Own Seeds)
Toe Jam (Cheese X Flo) The Cheese has been floating around the world after being selected from the Skunk line in the UK. This fine specimen is resin coated and flavour loaded, really smelling of some finely aged cheese. She is a good candidate for indoor growers using the SCROG technique as well as small bushes outdoors where smell is not an issue. Excellent producer of connoisseur quality buds or of dry sifted resin which truly keeps its unique characteristics throughout the curing process. Yield- average Flowering time- 55-70 days
The Red Eye Bride : Indoor/Outdoor $98 10 seeds (Legends Own Seeds)
The Red Eyed Bride with DJ Short Another Joint Project with DJ Short, This is a very limited edition selection released to the public for the first time. Brought to you from the depths of the legendary Swiss breeding facility, we present to you the Red Eyed Bride. An excellent sea of green producer which has the resin coverage that we all dream of , and a high that is more of a trippy sativa than it’s Indica dominant appearance. 100 of these seeds were received as a wedding gift in 2001 and we have decided that an open pollination of the final 30 were necessary to preserve and share these incredible genetics with the world. Choose wisely and you may not only find a mother, but a bride. Yield- average Flowering time 55-65 days
Highend : Indoor/Outdoor $80 10 seeds (Legends Own Seeds)
Highend Ahhhhh René, Where to truly begin with such a strain. Here in Vancouver British Columbia, is where I was to first come across this strain. A good friend at the time was growing large quantities of it, and was generous enough to give me his trim. The hash that was extracted from this trim was far superior to anything that was filling my bowl. We were all of course, just learning about the wonders of water extracted hashish, i.e. iceolator, bubblehash,etc. So the timing was perfect. The strain it was said, came from Montreal, and was named after the gentlemen who either bred, or acquired it. The genetics were said to be a Himalayan sativa crossed with an extremely pungent Skunk #1 male. Now for me, I cannot guarantee that lineage at all, as it was a story. What I can say about René, is that it holds that magical property I like to call THE FUNK. I've seen it in the Dank Ass Bitch(aka DAB), as well in the Cheese(that's all the rage in the UK right now), and the Sour Diesel. I'm not saying these strains tasted alike at all, but it had this funk within its profile. To me, this makes a strain extra special. The melt factor on the René was, from the first day, jaw opening. Most of the people I was turning onto this René hash had never seen this type of quality. When posted on sites like Overgrow and Cannabis World, people believed it was a hoax. My excitement to be writing this is overwhelming, as I have smoked nothing but René bubblehash for over two years. This was the first two years I was in business with my bubblebag company , and those pictures of René bubblehash were integral in the timing of this all taking off. It has been almost five years now since we began this long strange trip, and I am very happy to be announcing here at Legends that the good old boys have acquired the original René, which is really what I am here to authenticate. As I am certain in the next few years you will be seeing a lot of Rene cross's as well as perhaps a pure René, coming out in seed form. However , if it is not from Legends Seeds one should, in the least proceed with caution. The first strains the boys are releasing with René genes involved, are some wonderful cross's with DJ Shorts Blueberry male( the one that was used for his latest line). I Look forward to bubbling up some of the material from these seeds in the near future, and I'm certain I will be giving a full melt clear dome certification on top of the authenticity of the René genes that the good people at Legends Seeds have chosen to use. Give thanks to those that do this good work, in order to put the rest of you in a position where you can simply order. Rene is without a doubt one of my favourite ganja strains, and definitely my all time favourite hash making strain. Full melt, oh yeah all the way! ! - Bubble Man Indoor-9 weeks Outdoor-late September\early October Yield-moderate Resin-exceptional
Johnny Blaze : Indoor/Outdoor $75 10 seeds (Legends Own Seeds)
Johnny Blaze An Original "Neville's Haze" female crossed with a slightly sativa-leaning Blueberry male. The "Haze" has a green-citrus boquette with borderline woody undertones, while the Blueberry male adds a sweet-fruity flavor. Due to the genetic difference between the "Neville's Haze" female and the "Blueberry" male (both considered a P1 generation in this cross) I anticipate a uniform f1 hybrid from the cross along with very healthy hybrid vigor (high yield potential). Also, the f2's (and beyond) crossed from these f1's will probably prove very diverse. A party just waiting to happen! Yield -average Flowering time-9-11 weeks
Timebomb : Indoor/Outdoor $80 10 seeds (Legends Own Seeds)
TIMEBOMB The Texeda Timewarp is a infamous West Coast lady. Every fall the West Coast is blessed with this spicy outdoor monster that has been cultivated for over 20 years. The particular clone that was used in this cross is one that an old bushman has been using for 15+ years. She will easily take over any garden as she has an explosive growth rate that makes her more of a hedge than a plant. We decided to hit her with the DJ Short selected Blueberry male in order to shorten her flowering time down, so that it might be possible to bring in earlier than mid October. Expect a lot of variation-keep in mind the shorter squat selections might be the one to look for! These are strictly for outdoor, as the buds on this girl need a lot of light to tighten up. These are untested, so you let us know what you think! Yield-potentially huge
Legends Ultimate Indica : Indoor/Outdoor $130 10 seeds (Legends Own Seeds)
Legends Ultimate Indica The "LegendsUltimate Indica" is a combination of our two most favorite indica's. This F1 hybrid was mothered by a previously unreleased Ortega plant from California. The Ortega's heavy indica traits shone through with its' tight buds and extremely stoney finish. The father, a second backcross Sweet Tooth from Spice of Life Seeds, adds the sweet and pungent flavor Breeder Steve strains are know for. She is a heavy yielder that won't disappoint. Yield Indoors: 7-8 weeks Harvest Outdoors: Late Sept.
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