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Homegrown Fanataseeds, 29 strains
Homegrown Fantaseeds is a sister company to the very successful Amsterdam Coffeeshop, Homegrown Fantasy. The Fantaseeds seed company broke onto the scene in a big way, winning the 1997 Cannabis Cup for overall seedbank quality. Low prices and massively good weed make this collection one of the most popular in recent years.

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Sensi Seeds is a multiple Cannabis Cup winner. World-famous, oldest seedbank in Amsterdam. Always excellent quality, reliable strains.

Amazing Haze : Indoor $100 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
HGF Amazing haze NEW NEW NEW , Just arrived new strains from HOMEGROWN FANTA SEEDS picture and descriptions to follow : in stock now and ready to ship today order now to avoid disappointment
HGF Cheese : Indoor $140 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
Homegrown Fantaseeds - Cheese is trippy, you can just feel it! It is very unique looking, much like a man-made creation versus Mother Nature! Elongated buds, tiny little leaves, packed together fairly well. The flavour is very sweet, no “spice” that you’d expect from a Haze. The buzz is exceptionally powerful, it is the one for those of you who I like to try unique flavours and strains.
HGF Trainwreck : Indoor $105 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
HGF Trainwreck NEW NEW NEW , Just arrived new strains from HOMEGROWN FANTA SEEDS picture and descriptions to follow : in stock now and ready to ship today 10 seeds
HGF Genie of the Lamp : Indoor/Greenhouse $65 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
Homegrown Fantaseeds - Genie of the Lamp is a cross NYC Diesel / Big Bud. These are delicate buds with tiny leaves and lots of orange coli. There is a fine amount of crystals covering all surfaces. Very fruity with a dominant mandarin orange-grapefruit smell, the flavour is citrus with a grapefruit peel zest and goes down smooth
Afghani : Outdoor $55 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
A most potent variety, well known & never a disappointment. 100% Indica with big wide leaves. Our Afghan was 12 years in development, it has the yield typical of Afghani's, but a much improved taste. The trichomes contain so much THC they look like they're going to burst. Some plants turn purple during harvest time. A must for Indica fans as its a real heavy hitter.
Australian Blue : Outdoor/indoor $110 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
Australian Blue new new new new Father: Blue Haze Mother: Australian Boesi Sativa/Indica: 90/10 Flowering Time: 10-11 weeks Taste: Soft taste with a lemony smell Yield: good Extra Information: Temperature max 28 degrees celsius min 17 degrees celsiu
Armageddon-47 : Outdoor/Indoor $108 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
Armageddon-47 A mostly sativa strain. Our version of the famous "one hit wonder". Won several prizes in the 90's. Super Sativa high. Grows and flowers real fast for a sativa. flowering weeks indoor
B-52 : Outdoor/indoor $120 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
This plant is a truly superior Skunk breed that grows some very heavy buds.Ideal for the commercial Skunk grower. As with other Skunk varieties, this one also has a superior and a sweet taste that make you detect the sativa influence. A super fast Skunk strain.
Big Bud : Indoor $75 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
Blue haze : Indoor/Greenhouse $85 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
A unique cross between the homegrown haze and the blueberry, with a classy sweet musky taste with a strong stone.The growing characteristics are of the body of the indica, with the length of the sativa. An easy plant with a strong touch of Sativa. Origin: Homegrown Haze x Blueberry Genetic: sativa/indica Indoors: flowering 8 - 9 weeks cup winner / best sativa
Blue Pearl : Indoor $120 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
new new new new BLUE PEARL Father : Blue Haze Mother: Silver Pearl Sativa/Indica : 70/30 Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks Taste: Soft taste Yield: very good Extra information: Temperature max 28 degrees celsius min 17 degrees celsius
Californian Orange : Indoor $60 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
Californian orange 50% indica 50 % Sativa very strong and clear high
Citral : Indoor $70 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
Citral nice buds and good for hash production flowering 8 week
Carmella : Indoor $65 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
Carmella This variety is a stable homogeneous, with big fat tops, long cola's with a lovely fresh caramel smell. This variety has been bred for the last 15 years with lots of success. This Indica/Sativa hybrid is crossed back and selected on taste and a high calyx/leaf ratio. Good yield, uplifting high, easy to grow and a lot of crystals, a beautiful plant. Indoors: 8 - 9 weeks Outdoors: 1rst week of September 10 seeds
Eclipse : Indoor $95 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
Eclipse A new variety, mostly Indica with a sweet taste, our version of the bubble gum/ bubble berry famous by American clients. This is one for the young and the young at heart. One of the fruitiest tastes there is Origin: Bubble Gum Genetic: mostly sativa Indoors: 8 - 9 weeks
First Lady : Indoor $65 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
First Lady This is the queen mother of the White Widow strain. The most appreciated and rewarded sort of the last few years in Holland. And as the name suggest, totally white with crystals. Always places high in the various cannabis competitions, and took 2nd prize (Hydro) High Life '98.Very soft taste and a cool high Indoors: flowering 8 weeks
Flashback : Indoor $80 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
Flash Back is the variety for inside, outside and greenhouse. This variety will grow under any circumstances and produce a nice bud. It is an early flowering Sativa/Indica hybrid. Gives beautiful tall fat tops. When grown outside it shows a little purple in the end. It has a real sweet aroma and an uplifting Sativa High. Indoors: 7 - 8 weeks Outdoors: mid October
Homegrown Kush : Indoor $45 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
Homegrown Kush Hash like taste , with large firm buds
Homegrown Fantasy : Indoor $75 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
Homegrown Fantasy This variety retains the sugar coating of all the white strains, but has even larger trichomes bulging out from stems and buds. This was achieved by crossing an outstanding afghan (12 years in development) and a white widow. This has improved the plants hardiness and flavor, and made the buds denser still.If you appreciate the hard-hitting stone of the "white"strains, but are tired of the sour old taste it sometimes gives, well, this is the one for you. Origin: Afghan x White Widow Indoors: flowering 8 - 9 weeks
Jah Herer : Indoor $105 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
jah Herer a Jack Herer hybrid. If you are a Jack Herer fan but found it a nightmare to grow, this is the plant for you. Much faster to grow and more predictable than Jack Herer. A fresh taste and a strong sativa influenced high. Has attracted a lot of interest amongst growers everywhere. Origin: Jack Herer Genetic: mostly sativa Indoors: flowering 8 - 9 weeks
Indoor mix : Indoor $75 20 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
Mix of the best homegrown fantaseed varties
K2 : Outdoor $60 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
K2 It's the little sister of the White Widow Bio, short plant ideal for people with little space. Very soft taste and decent high. Grown very much by local growers, a perfect compromise between quality and yield.Strongly favored by Hydro growers. Very good yield. Genetic: indica Indoors: 8 weeks 10 seeds
Kanamist : Indoor/Greenhouse $100 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
Kamamist Kamamist Pure sativa, really strong high. In appearance similar to South-East Asian strains of the 1970's. The buds are a bit fluffy, so not so much weight.Commercialy, it's not too interesting, but for your personal stash, it's one to have. So energizing that you can't sleep. Origin: Kali Mist Genetic: pure sativa Indoors: 10 week
Mango : Indoor $90 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
Mango Mango is a 100% Indica crossbreed with a H#1 KC 33 and our Afghani. Real favorite amongst growers and smokers, beautiful plant to see and a smooth taste. Your fully aware that you have a real potent plant in your garden.Try this outside for something that will really impress your friends. One of the best tasting Outdoor strains. Origin: KC33 x Afghani Indoors: 8 weeks
Millennium : Indoor/Greenhouse $105 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
Millennium Millenium is the plant for the future. It is mostly an Indica. This plant can yield upto 600 grams per square meter. Grown close packed, this sea of green style will produce huge colas.You will need to support these plants due to their height and weight.
Original Misty : Indoor $75 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
Original Misty this is one sexy lady, a truly beautiful plant , bustling with thc glands a top producer in terms of yeild gourment taste and˙ a sweet aroma Indoors: 8 - 9 weeks
Outdoor mix : Indoor/Greenhouse $50 20 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
Homegrown fantasys fine outdoor selection
Shiva Afghani : Indoor/Greenhouse $100 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
Shiva Afghani Another old Ed Special, his last gift to the Dutch seed trade before leaving Europe. Fast flowering, above average yield and all branches bud up to their full length. Good to grow just about anywhere but especially good outside in a warmer climate. It's extremely resinous buds create a unique spacey high. Genetic: indica Indoors: 7 - 8 weeks
Silver Blue : Indoor/Greenhouse $160 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
The Silver Blue is the Big Bud of the white weed varieties. This variety is highly resinous and has a high thc content with top quality taste. The calyxThe plant grows strong and sturdy with broad- shaped leaves, which makes it easy to manage and maintain in all climates. It is a must for the novice gardener. The (Silver Blueö has a high bud to stem ratio: with itÝs strong aromatic smell and full- bodied buds, also makes it a cash croppers paradise. Coming from the stock of HGFÝs (Hazeö man, the (Silver Blueö is a pleasure to grow and a pleasure to blow. es are medium to large. Origin: Silver Pearl x Blueberry Genetic: mostly indica Indoors: 8 - 9 weeks
Skunk Red Head : Indoor $90 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
Skunk Red Hair The variety which made indoor growing possible since 1985. It's still the growers favorite. Under the right conditions it's even tastier outdoors Indoors: 8 weeks
Super Crystal : Indoor/Greenhouse $105 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
Super Crystal This is the strain that took everyone by surprise at the High Times Cup.Undisputed favorite amongst the judges, won us best seed company and a lot of friends. One of the celebrity judges said " A real golden nugget, hit me across the back of the head like a 2"by 4" I did not think I could get higher until I smoked Super Crystal, A super shiva mix with 75 % Indica with a strong oriental taste, With this low and compact plant you'll grow a real beauty.
Top 44 : Indoor $75 10 seeds (Homegrown Fantaseeds)
Top 44 a very good commercial strain , high yeild with a quick finnish.
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