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We took a beautiful, prodigious and fragrant Blueberry male (the best of 8 males) and it was set to pollinate the very best females in our room. The Blueberry crosses very well with these already outstanding strains.

Big Mac : Indoor/Outdoor $65 10 seeds (federation Seeds)
Big Mac Mikado x BC Big Bud) Indoor / Outdoor Indica dominant. The fourth generation male Mikado with all the typical traits was chosen for this cross. Male flowers started to show under 18 hours. The BC Big Bud variety originated from Sensi Seed Bank, it has Sativa leaf structure and has been acclimated to the Vancouver area for many years. Classic Big Bud size and flavor. It has the potential to be a large producer with a short flowering period. Height 6 feet. Flowering time 7 weeks. Veg 1 wk for sea of green. Yield 8 oz full size. 3/4 oz in a 2 gal. pot. Harvest outdoor Oct. 7.
crown royal : Indoor/Outdoor $75 10 seeds (federation Seeds)
Mostly Sativa.
celestial temple sativa : Indoor/Outdoor $65 10 seeds (federation Seeds)
Cotton Candy : Indoor/Outdoor $85 10 seeds (federation Seeds)
cotton candy Indoor An old Vancouver Island strain that originates from Afghani and Haze seed lines, recognized by the medical community for its pain relief without the drowsiness. Wonderful fragrance with an earthy flavor and long lasting high. The Cotton Candy will produce one ounce of dense bud per gallon of soil/root mass. The Cotton Candy has deep green leaves with a bushy growth structure that makes it almost as wide as it is tall. Known for its astringent qualities, the Cotton Candy has an extreme drying effect and it is recommended a glass of water or juice should be at hand while medicating. Flowering 8 weeks
Island Sweet Skunk : Indoor/Outdoor $95 10 seeds (federation Seeds)
Island Sweet Skunk Indoor The Island Sweet Skunk (ISS) has been grown on Vancouver Island in BC for many years as a stabalized Sativa-Skunk cross. The ISS has sugary fat buds with long, thick hairs that turn golden orange after the 6th week. Tall vigorous growth with a dramatic increase n bud density for the last 3 weeks of it''s flower cycle. This strain has been tested at 19.6% THC when finished, making it a major favorite amongst the medical community, as it takes less to properly medicate. Admired for its strong Sativa like high, the ISS has a very unique taste and odour that stands out from any other strain we've ever come across. typically finishing outdoor by late October, ISS is one of the main strains that gives BC a reputation as being a leader in the breeding of world class medical marijuana. For size & strength, ISS gives the best bang for the buck. Flowering time: 60 to 70 days
Mikado : Indoor/Outdoor $45 10 seeds (federation Seeds)
Indica/Sativa.ndoor / Outdoor Predominantly Indica. The Mikado is a quick maturing, large-yielding strain. With a long jagged single leaf pattern. Under 18 hours of light, the stems and leaves are coated with resin. The female plants show hairs making sexing easy. Liked for its long-lasting high, Mikado can be harvested 45 days after flowering is started. Perfect for a sea of green. Height 5 feet Yield 10 0z Flowering time 45 days Harvest outdoor Sept. 30.
Romulan : Indoor/Outdoor $65 10 seeds (federation Seeds)
Indica/Sativa.Canadian bred and grown since the late 1960's on Vancouver Island. Romulan exemplifies The taste of the Pacific Northwest. Legendary for its taste and strength. Romulan is known for flooring even the most ardent and experienced smokers. Romulan is a squat growing indica with large dark green leaves, purple stock and leaf stem with frosty buds that are hard and dense. Indoor flowering 8 weeks.
UBC Chemo : Indoor/Outdoor $105 10 seeds (federation Seeds)
Mostly Indica.
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