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Dr Atomic, 4 strains

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Fine, true breeding originals and excellent hybrids.

Atomic Haze : Indoor/Outdoor $60 10 seeds (Dr Atomic)
Definitely the heaviest hitter in the collection with a soaring cerebral high. Bringing together multiple Cannabis Cup winners, the potency is unmatched. Flowering Time: Indoor 9 - 10 weeks Approx Yield: 60 - 90g per plant
Nepal Baba : Indoor/Outdoor $65 10 seeds (Dr Atomic)
A very exotic variety from the hills of Nepal. Double back crossed to Northern Lights, the original seeds were obtained from a Shiva Baba who smokes for spiritual enlightenment; the seeds were gifted to me by the holy man before my departure. Full of sweet spicy flavor, the Nepal Baba is a truly sublime variety. Flowering Time: Indoor 9 - 11 weeks Approx Yield: 50 - 80g per plant
Shiva : Indoor $60 10 seeds (Dr Atomic)
Dr. Atomic developed this strain from Shiva (an Afghani strain), along with NL and Super Crystal. Short and compact with big buds. Typical sedating Indica effect; the perfect pain killer or couch surfer bud. Flowering Time: Indoor 7 - 8 weeks Approx Yield: 70 - 100g per plant
Thai Lights : Indoor $70 10 seeds (Dr Atomic)
From Nakan Pranom in northeast Thailand come these great Thai genetics. Also known as Thai stick and Buddha Grass, was hybridized with Dr. Atomic's Northern Lights. Sweet, smooth, and uplifting cerebral high. This bud will energize and enlighten you. Novice smokers beware! With the proper pruning techniques, one could yield up to 60g per plant. This is the pot in the Dr's private stash... Flowering Time: Indoor 9 - 11 weeks Approx Yield: up to 60g per plant
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