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DNA Genetics Seeds., 18 strains DNA genetics from Holland with great cannabis strains such as rock lock martian mean green

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Specialist in sweet, fruity strains

Lemon Skunk : Indoor/Outdoor $140 10 seeds (DNA Genetic Seeds.)
DNA Lemon skunk This strain is a cross between two Skunks, the chosen phenotype selected for its lemon characteristics. The Lemon mother has been kept for over 20 years in Las Vegas and the father was chosen here in Holland. The male was donated by Eddie, formally the owner of one of the oldest and most prestigious seed banks in the Netherlands. This original prize male was selected and used in many breeding projects throughout the years. The Lemon Skunk will grow tall and is a good yielder. She has great smelling buds. Her buds are light green with thick orange hairs. She has a high calyx to leaf ratio. This strain is the tastiest and sweetest if she is cut down between 50 and 56 days. We would like to thank the Lemon Man and Eddie for making this possible! Skunk 60% Sativa : 40% Indica Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks Yield: 400-500g/m2
DNA Kushberry : Indoor $145 10 seeds (DNA Genetic Seeds.)
DNA Kushberry This is the perfect blend of two West Coast flavors. The blueberry male from Oregon was used for his taste and vigor in combination with the fuely, lemon taste of the OG Kush from LA. The Kushberry is a shorter, stalkier plant which produces a decent yield. The exotic flavor doesn't rival its strength; she is one of our strongest strains. She is berry good for medical use as she relieves pain and helps with sleep and eating disorders. OG Kush Heirloom x Oregon Blueberry 70% Indica : 30% Sativa Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks Yield: 400-500g/m2 13 seeds
Annunaki : Indoor $125 10 seeds (DNA Genetic Seeds.)
Annunaki This one is short and sweet. Fast flowering hash wonder!!! Due to the f1 status we have seen a few mutants that take 10 weeks but it’s not common. Making hash from this plant is a joy. Type: 70% Sativa / 30% Indica Specifics: Northern California Hash Plant x Cannalopehaze Indoor Flowering time: 8/9 weeks Indoor Yield: 350/450
C13 haze : Indoor $135 10 seeds (DNA Genetic Seeds.)
C13 Haze Type: 90% Sativa / 10% Indica Specifics: Cannalopehaze X G13 Indoor flowering time: 10/11 weeks Indoor Yield p.s.m: 350/450 Price: £65.00 We used the Cannalope pheno "E" for this cross. We chose the female for her heavy haze smell! Also she takes a bit longer then the Cannalope (B) f2, finishing In 10-11+ weeks. This girl is a strong one. A bit slower then the Cannalope to get going, but the payoff is a heavy haze, dense, dark buds. A and I could not decide on what pheno was better to backcross to the G13 father, the Cannalope "B" or "E"? And after plenty of smoking we still could not decided which one was better? A liked the heavy haze in the "E" and D liked the bud structure of the "B". So it was decided.... we made both!! Mostly Sativa with Indica nugs
Cannadential : Indoor $155 10 seeds (DNA Genetic Seeds.)
Cannadential This plant is the perfect mix of indica/sativa. We have got a few “keeper” moms from this one, not for production but for head stash! Anything crossed into the L.A. results in something special! Every time!! Enjoy the variety. Type: 50% Sativa / 50% Indica Specifics: Cannalopehaze X L.A.Confidential Indoor Flowering time: 8 weeks Indoor Yield: 350/450
Connie Chung : Indoor $165 10 seeds (DNA Genetic Seeds.)
The parents of this strain speak for themselves… The classic L.A. flavor X the old school G13 Haze!! This strain varies in finishing times; some finishing in 8 but mostly 9 weeks is good with the odd plant going 10 weeks. We feel if you happen to find a pheno that goes over 10 weeks it’s not really worth the extra time and thus becomes undesirable. This cross has proved to be a heavy hitter, and guarantees to make you “Chineese”!! Type: Indica/Sativa Specifics: L.A. Confidential/female X G13 Haze/father Indoor Flowering time: 9/10 weeks Indoor Yield: 400/500
Cannalope Haze : Indoor $175 10 seeds (DNA Genetic Seeds.)
Cannalope Haze This perfect strain is the work of selection and a little luck. We found an 8 week wonder that lives up to all the controversy. Amazing you may ask an 8 week sativa, but we say grow these out and find out for yourself the magic in this strain. The bubble hash from the Cannalope is above average and the yield is good. The Cannalope can be mastered by experts and is a good teacher for beginners. The taste is like melon with a hint of Haze. A cut through high. Type: 100% Sativa Specifics: Haze Brothers x Mexican Sativa Indoor Flowering time: 9 weeks Indoor Yield: 350/450
D-Line Feminized : Indoor $141 10 seeds (DNA Genetic Seeds.)
D-Line Type: 100% Sativa Specifics: O.G. Chocolate Thai X Cannalopehaze Indoor Flowering time: 10-12 weeks Indoor Yield: 400/500 Price: £65.00 This plant grows BIG!!! If space issues are a problem might want to try another strain. This sativa dominate plant will take over. It is very fruity then chocolate in taste. Enjoy the variety
LA Confidential : Indoor $165 10 seeds (DNA Genetic Seeds.)
L.A. Confidential - O.G.LA Affie x Afghani The high of this herb is psychedelic and energetic with a hammer. There are two real phenotypes and they will both finish in 55 to 60 days. One is a bit hardier but both equal in knock down drag out stone, with an incredible smell and unique L.A flavor. This plant has won many awards including honors in the High Times Cannabis Cup Indica Category in 2004 and 2005. Name: DNA - ReCon Genetics: 80% indica / 20% Sativa Specifics: L.A.Confidential X Cannadential Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
Martian Mean Green : Indoor $175 10 seeds (DNA Genetic Seeds.)
Martian Mean Green The chances here of something special are without a doubt! This is the same G13 Haze /male that was going around Holland a couple years back, this was a male only situation due to only one seed cracking and it being male. So here you will get many different varieties. While growing these out there were some that finished in 9 weeks, but most were 10+ with one very hazy smelling plant going 12 weeks and still was cut early. She was saved for future tests. Enjoy this 2005 Cannabis Cup Winner for Best Sativa
ReCon : Indoor $145 10 seeds (DNA Genetic Seeds.)
Mutant LA Confidential x Cannadential This seed came from the original L.A Confidential. The father Cannadential was chosen for its Indica traits. There is plenty of magic in this super cross. Make sure you clone it you will probably have multiple keepers. Great yield and taste
Rocklock : Indoor $155 10 seeds (DNA Genetic Seeds.)
Warlock x Rockstar This plant is the perfect mix of heavy indica's finishing in 8 weeks. For anyone wanting big indy yields of heavy medicinal headstash. Go Rocklock and go couchlock. Good for high density planting, large crystal covered buds and resin production.
Sour Cream : Indoor $175 10 seeds (DNA Genetic Seeds.)
Sour Cream Type: 80% Sativa / 20% Indica Specifics: Original Sour Diesel x G13 Haze Indoor flowering time: 10/12 weeks Indoor Yield: 400/600 Price: £65.00 Another wonder here with the G13male in the mix why anyone would pass this Up. The best of both worlds, the classic Haze flavor mixed with Sour and the G13 yield!! This plant has an amazing mix of Haze n' Sour! Enjoy the variety
Sharks Breath : Indoor $141 10 seeds (DNA Genetic Seeds.)
Sharks breath Great White Shark x Jamaican Lambsbread With amazing flavor and smell and an outstanding buzz. The Sharksbreath is a highly potent top notch weed and a connoisseur's delight. Short stout plants pack on frosty and very dense cola's. A heavy feeder, good air flow is also required to prevent bud rot. A great low odor variety for the grower wanting a special headstash. Name: DNA - Sharksbreath Genetics: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa Specifics: GWS x Jamaican Lambsbread Flowering Time: Indoor: 9 weeks
Super Cannalope : Indoor $150 10 seeds (DNA Genetic Seeds.)
Super Cannalope Type: 90% Sativa / 10% Indica Specifics: Cannalopehaze X G13Haze Indoor flowering time: 9/10 weeks Indoor Yield: 400/500 Price: £65.00 This cross proved worthy of not only one "keeper" working mom but 2!! The variations here are mostly flower time and "haze" smell. Some finish in 9-10 weeks while others 10-12...none seem too huge, just x-mass tree like in growth, very even.
Sweet Haze : Indoor/Outdoor $162 10 seeds (DNA Genetic Seeds.)
Sweet Haze Type: 90% Sativa / 10% Indica Specifics: Skunk X Haze X Cannalopehaze Indoor flowering time: 9+weeks Indoor Yield: 400/500 Price: £65.00 This plant has Haze!!!! She is a tall one, but not airy like a haze, she managed to keep the yield of the Cannalope with a haze bite. We see quite a mix with this one, some tall some huge but all have the classic "Haze" flavor. Enjoy the variety
DNA Pure Afghani : Indoor $90 10 seeds (DNA Genetic Seeds.)
DNA Pure Afghani The Pure Afghan is an exclusive landrace from the Mazari Sharif region of Afghanistan. This is the only DNA strain that is bred outside of Holland and are from a fresh seed stock. She is a short plant from the mountainous region resulting in her finishing early. Pure Landrace Afghani 100% Indica Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks Yield: 450-550g/m2
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