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Delta 9 labs Seeds, 5 strains Delta-9 Labs networks with some of the world's top breeders to strive and set the highest standards of breeding stocks and cultivation techniques in the labs. Delta-9 Labs breeding and seed production regimen follows strict organic guidelines and tests the viability of their seeds on a regular basis.

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Cannasutra : Outdoor/indoor $190 10 seeds (Delta9 labs seeds)
CannaSutra's mild yet mood elevating high tends to boost mental focus rather than derailing it, making this a good all-day smoke. It is particularly appropriate for those who like to toke when they sit down for a session of computer or graphic work, or for getting philosophical with friends or romantic with that special someone. The strains name from the Sanskrit love manual Kama Sutra also suggests profound explorations between lovers. The smoke is incense-like - sweet, aromatic, and soft.
Super Star : Indoor/Outdoor $180 10 seeds (Delta9 labs seeds)
Super Star is a double back cross of the legendary Sensi Star utilizing two breeding Sensi Star males. She gets her name from the amount of crystals she produces as well as the enlightening high which brings you the feeling of being a Super Star. The high is very clear and creatively inspiring. This strain is mostly indica with the uplifting properties of a typical sativa. Super Star successfully joins the original Sensi Star with 2 powerfully selected males to produce a buzz that both stimulates the receptors and opens the chakras.
Stargazer : Outdoor/indoor $191 10 seeds (Delta9 labs seeds)
Stargazer is an indoor strain from a family of strong, stoney connoisseur pot. Her mother hybridizes the indica-dominant Warlock and the sativa-dominant AK47, both noted for fast, stimulating, and slightly hashy highs. Her Sensi Star father is likewise popular for its fast indica body stone with a side dish of mental stimulation. Stargazer grows well in densely planted soil or hydro. While she blooms, Stargazerâs scent is strong and leans toward pungency.
Mekong Haze : Outdoor $185 10 seeds (Delta9 labs seeds)
Mekong Haze Mekong Haze is a pure landrace Sativa strain from Southeast Asia. Although it may take up to 18 weeks of flowering time to complete, it is truly a pure breeding strain. This variety is very uplifting and clear headed. The Sativa high and flavor is very apparent and motivating. It makes you want to do things under her influence. Using this variety for your own research and breeding purposes will prove to be worth it’s value. The Mekong Haze is ideal for making F1 hybrid crosses with other Delta-9 Labs varieties. Having great patience with this variety will certainly reward you when the nurturing is completed.
Southern Lights : Outdoor $198 10 seeds (Delta9 labs seeds)
Southern Lights This sweet tasting variety delivers an uplifting mixture of mind and body buzz that can be energizing and profoundly psychedelic. The celebrity match contributes stellar qualities to the buzz; however, the Diesel parentage creates a sense of brain acceleration and the Sensi Star makes the high come on fast and strong, so some pacing may be advisable. As long as it isn’t overdone, the result should be a giddy animation, which could be harnessed to complete routine chores around the house or to enjoy with friends for a night out on the town.
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