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We took a beautiful, prodigious and fragrant Blueberry male (the best of 8 males) and it was set to pollinate the very best females in our room. The Blueberry crosses very well with these already outstanding strains.

Aurora : Indoor/Outdoor $85 10 seeds (Chimera Seeds)
strain :aurora flowering:50-55 days: An outstanding cross of the Dom and a super sweet Northern Lights selection. These chunky ladies make great bushes, but also perform very nicely in a sog/scrog situation
Breeders mix : Indoor/Outdoor $65 10 seeds (Chimera Seeds)
C4 : Indoor/Outdoor $105 10 seeds (Chimera Seeds)
flowering :45-55 days. Explosive! Same mothers as the Frost Bite, but fathered by shiskas! Both lines are huge yielders; the shisk brings down the flowering time and the tasty moms improve upon the flavour and aroma. The trim from these busty ladies makes excellent bubblehash- truly worthwhile. Big big fun! Yield: way up there!
C-Plus : Indoor/Outdoor $115 10 seeds (Chimera Seeds)
C-Plus / Chimera / DJ Short Mothered by our legendary 25 +year old Californian orange clone , and fathered by DJ Shorts Blueberry . This large producing hybrid adapts well to most growing environments, and prefers a mild diet. The last 2 weeks of this plants life will impress with the huge swelling of calyxes into light green bundles of frost.Excellent daytime smoke with a inspiring and creative high. pleasant bittersweet orange soda flavour . Indoor flowering 55-60 days Height 60-90 cm
Calizahr : Indoor/Outdoor $145 10 seeds (Chimera Seeds)
Calizahr.... the bitter orange. The 20+ year old Cali-O clone, an old elite gem that has proven her worth in gardens all over north America gets down with pollen from the Shiskaberry red line.... and large yielding, very resinous line. The purpose of this cross was to develop a line that produces large, resinous flowers that retain the characteristic citrus flavor and aroma of the 20+ year old Cali-O mother, all the while improving upon her yield and resin production. The results culminate in an excellent plant, with lime green flowers that are covered in trichomes. Makes excellent hash. Yield is high, plants are well suited for bush style grows. Flowering period is approximately 8 weeks.
Grapefruit x blueberry : Indoor/Outdoor $115 10 seeds (Chimera Seeds)
grapefruit x blueberry new from chimera a joint venture with DJ short 10 seeds per pack
Mental Floss : Indoor/Outdoor $135 10 seeds (Chimera Seeds)
mental floss / Chimera / DJ Short Lay back in your favorite place and roll up a little Mental Floss! In this crazy world, we all need a little brain cleansing and psychedelic reorientation. We are proud to offer you a chunky, odourific prolific producer that both the commercially minded producers and hash connoiseurs are sure to adore. The strong sturdy stems make this hybrid an excellent choice for sea of green gardens or bush style grows. These purple hued colas have a taste and nose that is both deep and rich; reminiscent of sweet berry licorice and the finest oriental incense. The Mental Floss is sure to relive stress from bosses, cops, nagging spouses or parents, taxes, and even the political situation! We recommend flossing 3-5 times daily until symptoms dissipate. Truly an outstanding hybrid of near miraculous medicinal value.
Mountain Jam : Indoor/Outdoor $155 10 seeds (Chimera Seeds)
The Mountain Jam is a hybrid of the Soulshine and DJ's prized blueberry, blending two colourful and sweet flavored elites for an oustanding performer. The SoulShine has become our flagship sensimilla flower for overall odor, taste, beauty, ease of growth, quality of high and of course yield. It has a multi-angled branching pattern that seems to balance the arms so that the massive tops and tips can almost support their plumpness without assistance. Once turned to a flowering cycle, these beauties will double in size and the arm tops will be ready for a colorful harvest at 53-58 days. With proper techniques, two more harvests 3-5 days apart and you will be amazed at how much ripening will happen on the middles and bottoms, turning the calyxes into little purple candy canes. Pollinated with DJ Shorts selected Blueberry male, should bring a reminiscent smell of grapefruits, overripe mango and wild blueberries when they are ready for harvest. Yield-above average Flowering Time-7-9 weeks
sassy frass : Indoor/Outdoor $115 10 seeds (Chimera Seeds)
great strain!
Schazzleberry #2 : Indoor/Outdoor $135 10 seeds (Chimera Seeds)
Schazzleberry # 2 Chimera / DJ Short O From the same mother as the original super-stoney Schnazzleberry. Perfect for SCROG
Schazzleberry : Indoor/Outdoor $155 10 seeds (Chimera Seeds)
Strain: Schnazzleberry flowering :45-55 days Spice of Lifes fantastic shiskaberry fathers beef up the yield of the odourific Dom. These plants branch well and fill in with potent gland laden flowers. Serious odour control is required for most individuals, especially late in flowering! Yields are above average
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