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Ceres Seeds, 8 strains Fruity Thai Winner at the High Times Cannabis Cup! Fruity Thai won 2nd in the category 'Best Indica' during the 2006 'High Times Cannabis Cup'.

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We took a beautiful, prodigious and fragrant Blueberry male (the best of 8 males) and it was set to pollinate the very best females in our room. The Blueberry crosses very well with these already outstanding strains.

Fruity Thai : Indoor/Outdoor $145 10 seeds (Ceres Seeds)
Fruity Thai Fruity Thai is a tropical surprise, a blend of 'dutch' varieties and original thai give you the best of both sides of the indica/ sativa spectrum: A fresh & sweet retro- flavor, and a clear 'high' effect, combined with a excellent (indica) yield and lots of THC resin. - Sativa x Indica - Indoor flowering: 55-65 days, greenhouse: End October - Yield: 1.2gr./Watt, greenhouse: 700 gr./plant
White Smurf : Indoor/Outdoor $135 10 seeds (Ceres Seeds)
white smurf "A MULTIPLE AWARD WINNER" The original Smurfweed, created with the invaluable help of Amsterdams' one-and-only Smurf. It is a compact, white dwarf, suitable for the 'sea-of-green method'. White Smurf buds carry loads of crystals and has a pleasant, dreamy, sensual buzz. A resinous and very tasty variety, a (double) favorite with the connoisseurs at the HTCC 2000! - Indica x Sativa - Indoor flowering 45-55 days, greenhouse: Mid October - Yield: 0,85gr./Watt, greenhouse: 500 gr./plant
Northern Lights x skunk : Indoor/Outdoor $115 10 seeds (Ceres Seeds)
THE CLASH OF THE TITANS " Northern Lights x Skunk#1, two classic giants brought together in a F1 super hybrid! This champion amazes both professional and connoisseur time and time again! This variety is also a good choice for beginners because of its stability and persistence under almost any condition! NL x Sk#1 has a very deep, relaxing effect. - Indica x Skunk - Indoor flowering: 55-60 days, greenhouse: End October - Yield Indoor: 1.1gr./Watt, greenhouse: 600gr./plant
White Indica : Indoor/Outdoor $155 10 seeds (Ceres Seeds)
white indica "CASH CROP " This quick flowering, plant with dense buds is white coated, high yielding and very, very stoned! A commercial boomer! With it's big leaves, it's easy to cut & clean. Exellent for hash-making. - Mostly Indica - Indoor flowering: 45-55 days, greenhouse: Mid October - Yield indoor: 1.0gr./Watt, greenhouse 500gr./plant
ceres skunk : Indoor/Outdoor $55 10 seeds (Ceres Seeds)
GOOD OLD HABIT " Ceres Seeds` own version of a good-old skunk. Skunk is THE original Indica x sativa hybrid. Musky & sweet, heavy & stoned; a real knock-out! - Skunk x Indica - 45-55 days flowering. - Yield indoor: 1.0gr./Watt, greenhouse 500gr./plant
ceres kush : Indoor/Outdoor $75 10 seeds (Ceres Seeds)
"WHERE IT ALL BEGAN " Kush has made a glorious come-back. This pure indica, with it's roots in Afghanistan and India, grows hard nuggets on a short compact plant. It has a specific herbal hashish taste and a comfortable buzz. Kush is quick flowering and easy to grow. - Indica - Indoor flowering: 50-55 days, greenhouse: Mid October - Yield indoor: 0,85 gr./Watt, greenhouse: 400gr./plant
Ceres mix seeds : Indoor/Outdoor $55 10 seeds (Ceres Seeds)
ceres mix New from Ceres! INDOOR MIX Can't choose? Ceres Indoor Mix offers you a great selection of top quality Cannabis strains. The best from Ceres Seeds in ONE pack!
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