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Breeder Steves Spice of Life, 6 strains

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Sweet Tooth #3 : Indoor/Outdoor $100 10 seeds (Spice of Life Seeds)
Sweet Tooth is the result of one backcross line wherein the goal in searching the father was an emphasis on the taxonomy and aroma of the original SPG mother. The Grapefruit is a true favorite among growers and consumers. It is possibly the most cultivated strain among commercial producers in Vancouver.
Shishkaberry #3 : Indoor/Outdoor $120 10 seeds (Spice of Life Seeds)
Indica. Height 4 feet. Main cola. Flowering time 8 wks. Veg 2 wks for sea of green. Yield 1/4 to 3/4 lb outdoor. 1.5 oz in a 1 gal. pot. Harvest outdoor Mid. Sept. The Resin of the Shishkaberry is outstanding! Jet Black, sticky, and strong flavour, people love the taste, but then they waste... It has stunned a few "chronics" here in the last few days
Blue Satellite : Indoor/Outdoor $140 10 seeds (Spice of Life Seeds)
Mostly Indica. this first generation cross is 75% indica. Height 5 feet. Tall, narrow. Flowering time 7 wks. Yield 1/4 to 3/4 lb. Harvest outdoor Mid. Sept.
Sweet Pink Grapefruit : Outdoor/Indoor $160 10 seeds (Spice of Life Seeds)
Mostly Indica. Early finishing, good yielding indica/sativa cross. Large Christmas tree shape, with a perfumy smell and sweet, fruity flavor. Height 6 to 7 feet. Flowering time 8 wks. Yield 1/4 to 3/4 lb Harvest outdoor Mid. Sept.
Strawberry Blonde : Outdoor/Indoor $90 10 seeds (Spice of Life Seeds)
Mostly Indica. 3' tall outdoor, totally dark 80% indica this pure strain has the potential to be a huge yielder. Very perfumy smell with a sweet flavor and strong stone. Height 3 to 4 feet. Flowering time 8 weeks. Yield up to 1 lb. Harvest outdoor Mid to end of Sept. The quality is unsurpassed for the head...
Shishkaberry orginal : Outdoor/indoor $110 10 seeds (Spice of Life Seeds)
Indica/Sativa. These are the best of thousands of Shishkaberry from several lines I have inspected over the last few years. The male was the last to mold of all the males I left outside to test, and showed resin, not as much as the chromatic original Blueberry Male used in the F1, it was blueberry jam in a bowl. Good mold resistance. Height 4 feet Flowering time 6 to 7 weeks Yield 1/4 lb. Harvest outdoor Sept 1.
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