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AK-47 : Indoor $225 10 seeds (Serious Seeds)
Mostly Sativa. An easy-growing good producer, this strain's power earned it the name. "AK", has won 6 awards in total at the Cannabis Cup over the years. These plants produce hard, compact buds that gleam with resin crystals and have a full rich flavor making a farmer proud. Flowering time 7 to 8 weeks. (veg 5-10 days) Yield 300-450 grams/sq. meter
Chronic : Indoor $200 10 seeds (Serious Seeds)
Mostly Indica. Our most commercial variety. Chronic is the strain to grow when yield and quality are top concerns. Chronic can produce up to 600 gr./sq. meter. A high resin content gives a strong high with a sweet taste and smell. Winner of 3rd Place at the '94 Cannabis Cup, this is the best choice for top producing, top quality bud. Flowering time 8 to 9 weeks. (5-10 veg) Yield 400-600 gr./sq. meter.
Kali Mist 1st PLACE AT THE 2000 CANNABIS CUP! : Indoor $225 10 seeds (Serious Seeds)
Mostly Sativa. For connoisseur stash, there is nothing like the almost 100% Sativa flowers from Kali Mist. A superb Sativa with a high calyx to leaf ratio and long, running tops that produce full, fluffy buds. Expect spiraling buds with a high resin content and a delightfully spicy scent. Kali Mist was winner of the '95 Cannabis Cup for best Hydro. Flowering time 10 to 11 weeks. (5 days veg) Yield 275-425 gr./sq. meter
White Russian : Indoor $200 10 seeds (Serious Seeds)
Indica/Sativa. Winner of the '96 Cannabis Cup this cross of Ak47 and White Widow produces a rich and powerful smoke. A full skunky smell with compact buds with few leaves and lots of resin. Flowering time 7 to 9 weeks. Yield 250-400grams/sq.m.
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