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Biobizz Seeds, 4 strains Bio Bizz seeds BIOBIZZ seeds originate from mother plants, which have been grown exclusively with BIOBIZZ’s organic products. They are meticulously scrutinised so that the only the best seeds are chosen The seeds can be cultivated (only in countries where cultivation is legal) both indoors and outdoors.

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Kc33 x Skunk : $95 10 seeds (Biobizz Seeds)
Kc33 x Skunk 100% germination with vigorous growth strong hybrid extremely strong aroma high THC percentage high-gland yield and extremely productive flowering time indoor 60-65 days outdoor at beginning of October History: This variety comes from a cross between a select mother seed of potent, high-producing KC-33 and a vigorous skunk. Both mother and father are highly psychoactive. The result is a thick, sturdy plant with a powerful high with an amazing taste and aroma. Production: Indoor production can harvest over 400g/m˛, outdoor production per plant can surpass 800g.
Aurora Indica X Afghani : $65 10 seeds (Biobizz Seeds)
Aurora Indica X Afghani vigorous hybrid sweet and fruity taste flowering time indoor 70 days outdoor during the middle of October History: This variety comes from the crossing of two strains of indica from completely opposite longitudes. The mother comes from California and is a fast growing, strong plant with a fruity aroma and flavour. The father, a more powerful plant, is from the Massar-Shariff region of Afghanistan and balances the mother perfectly. Production: Indoor production can surpass 400g/m˛; outdoor production is over 600g per plant.
Afghani x california indica : $75 10 seeds (Biobizz Seeds)
Afghani x california indica fast and vigorous growth extra strength hybrid orange coloured buds high resin flowering time indoor 55-60 days outdoor at the end of September History: This variety originates from an Afghani #6 mother cultivated by top Dutch breeders who obtained seeds during a stay in Afghanistan. The father seed is a strong Californian strain, which has been carefully maintained by expert Californian cultivators since the '70s. Production: Indoor production is over 400g/m˛; outdoor production is over ˝ kilo per plant.
Skunk x Big Bud : $74 10 seeds (Biobizz Seeds)
100% germination and high performance plant very strong hybrid super dense main bud distinctive flavour very intense green leaf colour flowering time indoor 65-75 days outdoor during middle of October History: This variety was created by renowned breeders in an attempt to achieve a plant of the highest quality which is both high-producing and resistant to typical pests and disease. It is a cross between a mother of Skunk #1 (named Killer Stink) with a select strain of Big Bud. Production: This plant is very productive. Indoors it can produce over 600g/m˛; outdoor production can surpass one kilo per plant.
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